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Corporate law
Registration of associations of enterprises / citizens
Association 5-7 work days 6 000 UAH
Registration of enterprises in Ukraine
Representation of a foreign company in Ukraine Standard term: from 20 working days 600 $
Accelerated time: from 10 working days 4 000 $
Migration law
Immigration in Ukraine
Legal support in obtaining Ukrainian visa
Invitation for foreigner (from a natural person) Within 1 w. d. in Kiev (Including notary services) 900 UAH
Within 1 w. d. outside of Kiev 500 UAH
Invitation for foreigner (for employees of foreign company’s representative office) 25 working days 1000 UAH
6-10 working days if so agreed
3-5 working days if so agreed
Legalization of foreigners (non-residents) in Ukraine
Tax identification number Standard time: up to 5 working days 800 UAH
Work permit Standard time: from 10 working days 3800 UAH
ID (service) card of worker of foreign company’s representative office Standard time: 15 working days 1000 UAH
Standard time: 6-10 working days if so agreed
Standard time: 1-2 working days if so agreed
Permanent residence permit in Ukraine Standard time: from 65 working days (without the immigration quota) 9950 UAH
Standard time: from 85 working days (on the immigration quota) from 9950 UAH
Accelerated time: up to 65 working days if so agreed
Extending the term of stay in Ukraine Standard time: 3-6 working days 4800 UAH
Return of work permit in Ukraine in issuing office Standard time: 1 working day 1000 UAH
Return of residence permit in issuing office Standard time: from 1 working day 1000 UAH
Citizenship of Ukraine (naturalization)
Citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin Standard time: 90 working days 16000 UAH
Accelerated time: from 15 working days 20000 UAH
Confirmation of the child's citizenship Standard time: up to 65 working days 4000 UAH
Termination of citizenship of Ukraine Standard time: 1 year if so agreed
Accelerated time if so agreed
Emigration from Ukraine
Legalization of citizens of Ukraine abroad
Leaving Ukraine for permanent residence Standard time: 65 working days 6000 UAH
Accelerated time: 20 working days if so agreed
Obtaining of certificate of residence registration 1000 UAH
Termination of entrepreneurial activity by an individual entrepreneur from 4000 UAH
Returning to Ukraine from permanent residence abroad Standard time: from 40 working days 4000 UAH
Accelerated time by appointment
Related services
Registration and de-registration of place of residence ( residence registration) Standard time: 1-5 working days 1000 UAH
Address search and registration from 5000 UAH
Receipt of clean record certificate Standard time: 3-5 working days 700 UAH
Accelerated time: 1 working day by agreement
Legalization of documents
Putting down apostille Apostille in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: 1-2 w.d. 250 UAH
Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine: 2-30 w.d. from 350 UAH
Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: 1-2 w.d. 250 UAH
Getting the certificate of non-conviction 700 UAH
Receipt of the extracts from civil status acts from 700 UAH
Obtaining the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs 300 UAH
Obtaining copies of court decisions from 700 UAH
Translation of the document by agreement
and other documents by agreement
Nostrification of diploma from 40 w.d. 2800 UAH
from 50 w.d 2500 UAH
from 60 w.d 2200 UAH

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