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The name of a legal entity change in Ukraine

Prompt preparation of the documents and registration of a company name change 

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  • Free consultation
  • Support by Ukrainian corporate law specialist
Ольга Казаневская

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Brief description

1) When it is necessary to change the name, a general meeting must be convened and the decision notarized.

2) Information about the new name must be registered and displayed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations.

3) The name must be unique, that is, you cannot register a name change if a legal entity with an identical name already exists.

We will explain all the nuances, prepare a decision or protocol and register the name change both in the presence of the participants in the process and by power of attorney without personal presence.


Change of name of legal entity
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of a package of documents
  • Making changes
  • Obtaining a description of the documents
  • Obtaining an extract from the USR
  • 3500 uah
  • State fee payment
  • 800 uah
  • Notarization of the signature on the protocol/decision, if 1 participant
  • Notarization for each subsequent participant
  • 550 uah
  • +150 uah
  • Notarization of the charter, if 1 founder
  • Notarization of the signature in the charter of each subsequent founder
  • Notarization of the charter, if the founder is a legal entity
  • 500 uah
  • +150 uah
  • +300 uah
  • Print production (optional)
  • 700 uah
  • Translation of documents
  • from 400 uah (depending on volume and language)

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