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Production/change of seal, facsimile in Ukraine

Production and change of a seal or facsimile 

  • The shortest possible time frame
  • Free consultation
  • Resonable price
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Production of a seal/facsimile

We will make a seal for both a new company and an existing one, in case of loss, need to have a duplicate or changes in the company. We will make a facsimile of your sample signature.

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The cost of producing a seal/facsimile

Production/change of seal, facsimile
  • Production of seals, facsimiles
  • 700 uah

The procedure of a seal production

  1. Print production from 1 w.d.
    • obtaining information about a legal entity or PE
    • sketch approval
    • obtaining a sample signature

List of documents required for producing/changing the seal

1. Extract from USR

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