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Registration of an individual entrepreneur (PE) in Ukraine

Registration of an individual entrepreneur (SPD, private entrepreneur) regardless of registration for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners in Ukraine

  • In 1 day
  • Free consultation
  • Support by Ukrainian corporate law specialist
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Briefly on a PE redistration

1) Registration of an individual entrepreneur (PE) is the most common and convenient way to register a small business.

2) Advantages of PE registration:

  • the simplest possible procedure for registration and liquidation of the FOP;
  • Simplified tax system;
  • simplified accounting reporting;
  • the possibility to officially employ up to 10 people (II group of the unified tax) or even without restrictions on the number (III group of the unified tax);
  • the ability to transfer money received into the account into cash without additional problems, without the need to confirm expenses (for taxpayers of a single tax).

3) It is not necessary to have a seal of the PE, but it can be made at will.

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The cost of an individual entrepreneur registration

Registration of an individual entrepreneur (PE)
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of a package of documents
  • FLP registration
  • Getting a description of documents
  • Obtaining an extract from the USR
  • 3000 uah
  • Notarization of a power of attorney for our employees
  • from 550 uah
  • Print making (optional)
  • 700 uah
  • Legal address
  • from 3000 uah
  • Translation of documents
  • from 400 uah (depending on volume and language)
Detailed consultation on registration and business activities of an individual entrepreneur
  • Detailed consultation on registration an individual entrepreneur
  • Assistance in choosing a taxation system
  • Roadmap for paying taxes and filing reports with the State Tax Service
  • Practical advice on documenting the conduct of PE activities
  • 1500 uah

Detailed on a PE registration

Who is a private entrepreneur?

Individual Entrepreneur (EP) is an individual (citizen of Ukraine, foreigner, stateless person) who has registered as such that can conduct business activities as an entrepreneur.

PE is not a legal entity. To engage in entrepreneurial activity, PE does not need to create an authorized capital and have constituent documents. It is enough just to submit an application using one of the existing methods, pay taxes in accordance with the chosen system and submit tax returns.

Unlike a legal entity, where the founders of which are liable only within the limits of their own contributions, PE, in case of failure to fulfill its obligations to creditors, is liable with all its property.

Who is eligible to register as an FLP?

Only an individual with full civil capacity has the right to carry out entrepreneurial activity.

Full civil capacity have:

  • persons over the age of 18;
  • persons who have registered a marriage before reaching the age of 18;
  • persons who have reached the age of 16 and work under an employment contract;
  • minors registered by the mother or father of the child (a decision of the guardianship and guardianship authority or the court is required);
  • persons who have reached the age of 16, with the written consent of their parents (adoptive parents), guardian or body of guardianship and guardianship.

Can a foreigner open a sole proprietorship in Ukraine?

Yes, a foreigner can register as an individual entrepreneur and conduct entrepreneurial activities on the territory of Ukraine. To do this, it is enough to have a Ukrainian taxpayer card (TIN) and a valid passport document.

The procedure for registering an individual entrepreneur

  1. Preparation from 1 w.d.
    • consultations
    • formation of a package of documents
    • signing documents at the notary
  2. Submission of documents to the state registrar 1 w.d.
    • getting an inventory
  3. Obtaining documents
    • obtaining an extract from the USR
    • print production (if necessary)

List of documents required to register an individual entrepreneur

1. Passport and taxpayer card (TIN)
If the passport is in the form of an ID-card, an extract or certificate of residence registration is also required
2. A temporary or permanent residence permit with a certificate/extract on the registration
For foreigners who have a residence permit in Ukraine
3. Power of attorney for employees of our company


Can a foreigner open a FOP without a residence permit?
Yes, a foreigner without a residence permit can register as an PE in Ukraine. You have to have a valid passport and a taxpayer card (TIN) - it is enough.

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