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Inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations in Ukraine

Registration as a non-profit organization in the Tax Service of Ukraine promptly and without any hassle

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On registration as a non-profit organization

1) A non-profit enterprise, institution and organization for inclusion in the relevant register must meet the following criteria:

  • be formed and registered in accordance with the law as a non-profit organization;
  • the founding documents must contain a ban on the distribution of the received income (profits) or their part among the founders, members, employees (except for wages and calculation of social security contributions) and other related persons;
  • founding documents must provide that in case of termination (liquidation, transformation, etc.) of the organization, the assets will be transferred to one or more non-profit organizations of the corresponding type, other legal entities providing non-state pension provision, or will be included in the budget income (except for associations and associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings, and housing and construction cooperatives).

2) Non-profit organizations can be:

  • budgetary institutions;
  • public associations, political parties, creative unions, religious organizations, charitable organizations, pension funds;
  • unions, associations and other associations of legal entities;
  • housing and construction cooperatives, dacha (cottage and construction), gardening and garage (garage and construction) cooperatives (associations);
  • association of co-owners of an apartment building, association of owners of residential buildings;
  • trade unions, their associations and trade union organizations, as well as employers' organizations and their associations;
  • agricultural service cooperatives, cooperative associations of agricultural service cooperatives.

3) After entry into the register, a non-profit organization may apply for an extract from the register.

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The cost of inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations

Inclusion to the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of a package of documents
  • Inclusion into the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • 1500 uah

The order of registration as a non-profit organisation

  1. Preparation of documents from 1 w.d.
    • consultation
    • preparation of a package of documents
  2. Submission of documents and entry into the register of non-profit organizations 5 w.d.

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