Ukrainian citizenship - legal bond between a natural person and the state of Ukraine, which is evident in the mutual rights and obligations.

In our country there is the principle of single citizenship, this excludes the possibility to be at the same time a citizen of Ukraine and a citizen of other countries.

The Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship of Ukraine" provides several reasons to acquire citizenship or nationality:

  • native-born citizen
  • by territorial origin
  • by granting citizenship
  • by restoration of citizenship
  • by adoption
  • by establishing a child custody or guardianship, putting a child in a child-care centre or a child health care institution, in a family-type orphanage and a foster home or submitting to a family of a  foster carer for upbringing
  • by establishing custody over a disabled person  who is acknowledged by court to be disabled
  • in connection with the Ukrainian citizenship of one or both parents of the child
  • by acknowledgment of paternity or maternity, or establish paternity or maternity
  • on other grounds stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine


  • The Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship of Ukraine"
  • The Constitution of Ukraine
  • The decree of the President of Ukraine on the issues of organization of implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship of Ukraine"