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Nostrification of documents on education in Ukraine

Recognition of foreign documents on education in Ukraine

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Briefly on nostrification in Ukraine

  1. Nostrification is a procedure for establishing the compliance of academic and professional rights, as well as the educational level of qualifications of foreign documents on education, with the state education standards of Ukraine.
  2. The speed of nostrification of an education document depends on the country in which the document was issued, whether it has an apostille or consular legalization, whether the education was obtained according to the Bologna system, etc.
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The cost of nostrification of documents on education in Ukraine

Recognition of foreign education documents (nostrification)
  • Nostrification in the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Conducting correspondence in the process of nostrification
  • from 3 to 60 w.d. - from 3170 to 5300 uah
  • Carrying out a comparative analysis (if necessary)
  • 30 years - 3000 hryvnias
  • 10 years - 5000 hryvnias
  • State Customs
  • for an individual - 51 uah
  • for a legal entity - 85 uah
  • Translation of documents (if necessary)
  • from 400 uah (depends on volume and language)

Detailed on nostrification in Ukraine

Why is nostrification needed?

In order for a foreign educational document to enter into force on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to carry out its nostrification procedure. In this way, the qualifications and level of education obtained in another country are recognized, and their compliance with the state education standards of Ukraine is established.

Nostrification is often necessary for further employment or continuing education.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is the authorized body dealing with the recognition of foreign educational documents on the territory of Ukraine.

Does the complexity of nostrification depend on the document?

Yes, if the document is of an old model or issued in a country that does not cooperate with Ukraine in matters of education, additional examination may be required and, accordingly, more time for the recognition of such a document.

The order of nostrification

  1. Preparation of documents from 1 w.d.
    • consultation
    • obtaining original documents and information
    • signing the necessary statements
  2. Submission of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 1 w.d.
  3. Obtaining a finished document from 3 w.d.

List of documents required for nostrification in Ukraine

1. Application
2. Application-consent of the owner of the document for the processing (verification) of his personal data
3. Document on education
4. Annex to the document on education
5. Document of previous education
If necessary
6. Passport
7. Document on the name change of the owner
If any

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