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Liquidation of the company in Ukraine

Liquidation of the company in Ukraine on owner's decision or alternative (express) liquidation

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Briefly on a company liquidation

1) Liquidation of the company by the decision of the owner is one of the forms of termination of a legal entity, when the initiator of closing the business is the owner or owners of the company.

2) To start the procedure, it is necessary to properly make a decision on liquidation and register this decision with the state registrar.

We will prepare draft decisions and documents necessary for liquidation. We will register the decision to terminate the activity of a legal entity with the state registrar.

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The cost of a company liquidation

Liquidation of the company by decision of the owner
  • Consultation
  • Analysis of founding documents
  • Preparation and approval of draft decisions
  • State registration of company liquidation
  • from 6000 uah
Alternative (express) liquidation
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of documents for alternative liquidation
  • State registration
  • from 17000 uah
Detailed consultation on the liquidation of the LLC
  • Detailed consultation on the liquidation of the LLC
  • The road map regarding the closing of the LLC in the Tax office
  • Help with choosing a liquidation method (alternative or classic)
  • Practical tips on documenting the termination of an LLC
  • 2000 uah (if further you order full support for the obtaining the documents — we will deduct the cost of this consultation from the cost of our services)

Detailed on a company liquidation

What is liquidation by decision of the owner?

One of the ways to close a business is liquidation of a legal entity at the initiative of its owner. The procedure involves the adoption of a decision on closure by a person or body authorized by statutory documents, its certification and state registration.

Owners of a legal entity appoint a liquidation commission headed by a liquidator and set a deadline for creditors to submit their claims to the company.

We do not accompany the passing of inspections by the Tax Inspectorate and other services, which are necessary after the state registration of the procedure of termination of activity.

What is alternative liquidation?

Alternative r express liquidation — is the procedure by which the company is actually re-registered to other owners. All details of the company change, only its registration number in the UDR remains unchanged. That is, the primary owners cease to have any relation to the legal entity.

The order of a company liquidation

  1. Consultation from 1 w.d.
    • consultations
    • preparation of a package of documents
  2. Submission of documents to state authorities to start the liquidation procedure from 3 w.d.
    submission of documents to the state registrar

List of documents required for company liqudation

1. Protocol on company liquidation
2. Accounting documents
3. Statutory documents
4. Power of attorney for the employees of our company
Original, certified by notary


How long does it take to liquidate a company that had no activity?
The liquidation of the enterprise by the decision of the owner with the passing of checks in all state bodies can last about 6 months. Unfortunately, it is not possible to define clear terms, since it is not fixed at the legislative level.

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