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Invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine (from a legal entity)

Help in drawing up a business invitation for a non-resident:

  • Free consultation
  • The correct text of the invitation
  • Finished result within 1 hour
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Briefly on a business invitation

1) Invitation of a foreigner from a legal entity is the basis for a foreigner to issue a visa to Ukraine.

2) Legal entities - residents of Ukraine have the right to invite a foreigner to Ukraine.

3) It is not necessary to apply to the State Migration Service at the place of company registration, it is enough to correctly draw up the invitation statement and certify it with the seal of the enterprise.

4) It is also possible to invite a foreigner from a natural person and from a representative office of a foreign company. You can find information about these services in the relevant sections:

5) To apply for a visa and enter Ukraine, a foreigner will also need a health insurance policy with a coverage of 30,000 euros.

— We do not issue invitations on our own behalf.

— We do not prepare invitations for citizens of russia.

If you are a foreigner who is willing to visit Ukraine with a business visa, you have to first find an inviting party. In case you do not have one, you can contact a travel agency for a travelling visa.

Our company has issued more than one hundred invitations, order our help and everything will be done correctly, which is a guarantee of obtaining a visa.

Contact us — the consultation is free!

The cost of a business invitation

Invitation of a foreigner (from legal entities)
  • Advice
  • Preparation of the text of the invitation
  • 1 w.d. - 1000 uah

Detailed on business a invitation

What is an invitation of a foreigner from a legal entity?

An invitation of a foreigner from a legal entity (business invitation to Ukraine) is a document drawn up by the company on its official letterhead. The invitation is necessary for a foreigner to issue a short-term visa type C at the Embassy/Consulate of Ukraine or a visa centre abroad to further enter Ukraine. The official letterhead of the invitation must contain:

  • company name and number in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations;
  • number and date of the document according to the internal documentation of the enterprise;
  • signature of the authorized person and seal, if the company has one.

What is a short-term C visa?

A short-term visa type C (so-called business visa) is issued for entry to Ukraine as a single, double and multiple entry. The period for which the foreigner is invited, as well as the number of entries, is determined by the inviting party and indicated in the invitation. As a rule, it is half a year. However, the invited person will be able to stay in Ukraine for no more than 90 days during the selected period.

You can check whether a visa is required for a foreigner whom you want to invite to Ukraine on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. If opposite to the foreigner's country of citizenship under the column "ordinary passport holders" "visa" is indicated, then a visa for visiting Ukraine is mandatory.

The validity period of the visa cannot exceed the validity period of the foreigner's passport.

Is it necessary to apply to the Migration service of Ukraine to issue an invitation?

From April 1, 2017, it is no longer necessary to contact the State Migration Service at the place of registration of a legal entity to go through a long and costly procedure for receiving an invitation.

Now it is enough to issue the invitation prepared correctly and made on company letterhead with the seal and signature of the authorized person.

Where can a foreigner live while visiting Ukraine?

The best option is to make a reservation at any hotel. In this case, a copy of the reservation in the hotel where the foreigner will stay must be submitted to the Embassy/Consulate of Ukraine or the visa centre, together with the invitation. It is necessary to reserve a hotel room for the entire period specified by the host party in the invitation.

We will prepare an invitation for you and help you issue it correctly (regardless of your place of residence and registration), organize notarization (provided that you are in Kyiv) and consult for FREE on each individual issue!

The order of an invitation from a legal entity issuance

  1. Collection of necessary data -
    The customer provides copies of documents and necessary information
  2. Preparation of the text of the invitation 1 hour
    Our specialists prepare the text of the invitation

List of documents required to issue an invitation from a legal entity

1. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations
Or provide data that can be used to search for relevant information on your own
2. Passport document of a foreign citizen
A page with personal data and, if the foreigner previously received a Ukrainian visa, a copy of the page with this visa
In addition to the documents mentioned above, the following data must be provided:
1. Comprehensive information on the address of a foreigner abroad
2. Indicate where the foreigner will live in Ukraine (address)
3. Specify the dates or period for which the foreigner is invited


Is it necessary to provide all copies of documents by hand to issue an invitation?
No, you can simply send us scanned copies or photos of the documents from the list, and we will prepare an invitation for you.
Is it possible to send an invitation by email to the Embassy/Consulate? How can I send an invitation abroad?
To apply for a visa, a foreigner must submit to a consular institution or diplomatic mission the original invitation statement on the official letterhead of a legal entity with a signature and a wet seal. You can send the invitation by any international mail, for example, DHL, Pony Express, Aramex, etc.
How can a company properly register an invitation in its internal document flow?
It is necessary to put the original number on the invitation and register it in the accounting journal of original correspondence. If you do not make records of documents, then the output number can be generated as in the following examples: Output. No. 1 dated 01.01.2022 or Ex. No. 01/01/22-1 dated 01.01.2022.
Is it necessary to additionally draw up a letter of guarantee for inviting a foreigner?
The text of the invitation, which we prepare, already contains all the necessary financial guarantees, which are usually included in the concept of a guarantee letter. Therefore, no, there is no need to issue a warranty letter additionally.
How to draw up an invitation if a foreigner has two citizenships?
In this case, it is necessary to indicate in the invitation the data of the passport with which the foreigner plans to enter Ukraine. Usually, preference is given to the one of the nationalities with a simpler regime of entry into Ukraine. It is not necessary to indicate the presence of a second citizenship in the invitation.

Questions and comments

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