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Registration and de-registration of place of residence ( residence registration)

Quickly and inexpensively registration, re-registration or de-registration of place of residence. Help in finding an address. Without your presence.

  • Registration, re-registration or de-registration
  • Help in finding an address, if neccessery 
  • Quickly, inexpensively and without presence
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Brief description

You are non-resident of Ukraine and you plan to execute:

  • Temporary residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Citizenship of Ukraine
  • Refugee certificate

You are a citizen of Ukraine who changes the place of residence?!

You do not have an address where you can register and you do not know how to get a stamp about a residence?

Or you only plan to do all the above things; in any case you are likely to be interested in how the Ukrainian Law regulates registration of the citizens according to their place of residence.

Ukrainian legislation states that all individuals permanently or temporarily residing on the territory of Ukraine must be recorded in a specific place of residence and that the registration must be completed within ten days from the date of arrival at the new place of residence.

The question of the registration, for all its apparent simplicity, requires a professional approach; otherwise the result can be achieved with numerous efforts, while spending a lot of time!

Our law firm is ready to accompany this procedure and guarantees to prevent you from spending excessive time and effort!

Also, if you have problems with finding an address for registration or you can not find a common language with the owner of the housing in which you are currently living, and he completely refuses to register you, contact us! We can also help you in resolving this issue!

We have registration addresses for every taste!

We will help you to stamp the registration day in day out!


Registration or deregistration of residence
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of a package of documents
  • Submission of a package of documents to the Center for Administrative Services
  • Receiving documents with a registration mark
  • from 2 w.d. - 1000 UAH
  • Finding an address to register
  • by agreement
  • Making a power of attorney for the lawyers of our company
  • from 550 UAH
  • Departure of a notary for a meeting
  • 1000 UAH

Detailed descriptions

Ukrainian legislation states that all individuals permanently or temporarily residing on the territory of Ukraine must be recorded in a specific place of residence. This means that the question of residence registration (residence permit) is actual both for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

According to Art. 3 of the Law of Ukraine "On freedom of movement and choice of place of residence in Ukraine"

registration is the particulars of the passport document of the place of residence or stay, indicating the exact address and making these data in registration with the specially authorized central body of executive power on registration.

A citizen of Ukraine, as well as a foreigner or a stateless person, who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, must within 30 days upon arrival at the new place of residence apply to the territorial department of the State Migration Service of the place of residence for registration.

A person's statement about the registration of residence is the only basis for registration of the place of residence of the person.

Documents that are subject to information on the place of residence and place of stay of the person:

  1. Ukrainian passport
  2. temporary certificate of citizenship of Ukraine
  3. temporary / permanent residence permit in Ukraine
  4. refugee certificate
  5. certificate of the person who needs additional protection or who has been granted temporary protection (refugees)

The order of registration and de-registration of residence (residence registration)

  1. Administrative service center from 1 w.d.
    • preparation of applications, a power of attorney
    • appeal to Administrative service center on the issue of registration/de-registration of residence
    • The owner’s presence or his notarized statement of consent for registration is necessary at the time of registration
    • stamping in the correspondent document about registration/de-registration


1. Application
Children from 15-18 years of old submit the application personally
2. Document, certifying the personality
Original and copy
3. Document confirming the right to ownership of housing
Original and copy

Only at registration.If the housing does not belong to the applicant, the owner/-s consent is additionally necessary either by words of mouth or a notarized application-agreement

4. Receipt of payment of the state fee or statement of exemption from its payment
Only at registration
5. Deregistration talon
2 copies. In case of re-registration
6. Warrant of attorney on our employee

Law Firm "JUSTIKON", having many years of experience, offers a full range of legal services on registration/remove from registration of place of residence (residence permit) in Kiev/Kiev oblast


  • Civil Code of Ukraine
  • The Law of Ukraine "On freedom of movement and choice of place of residence in Ukraine"
  • Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from 22.11.2012, № 1077 "On approval of registration of residence and place of residence of individuals in Ukraine and samples of relevant documents"

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