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Registration of сooperative in Ukraine

Prompt and efficient registration of any type of cooperative in Ukraine

  • Free consultation
  • According to the requirements of the STS of Ukraine
  • Providing a legal address
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Briefly on cooperatives

1) Cooperative - a legal entity created by individuals and/or legal entities that have voluntarily united to conduct joint economic and other activities.

2) Cooperatives are divided into 3 types:

  • production cooperative;
  • service cooperative;
  • consumer cooperative (consumer society).

3) 3 participants - the minimum number for founding a cooperative.

We will register a cooperative, taking into account all individual wishes. We will enter the cooperative into the register of non-profit organizations.

Contact us - the consultation is free!

The cost of a cooperative registration

Registration of the cooperative
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of a package of documents
  • Registration of a charitable organization
  • Obtaining a description of the documents
  • Obtaining an extract from the USR
  • 6000 uah
  • Registration as a non-profit organization
  • 1000 uah
  • Notarization of the charter, if 1 founder
  • Notarization of the signature in the charter of each subsequent founder
  • Notarization of the charter, if the founder is a legal entity
  • 500 uah
  • + 150 uah
  • + 300 uah
  • Print production (optional)
  • 700 uah
  • Legal address
  • from 4500 uah
  • Translation of documents
  • from 400 uah (depends on volume and language)
Detailed consultation on registration and operation of the cooperative
  • Detailed consultation on cooperative registration
  • Help in choosing the type of cooperative
  • Consultation on obtaining the status of a non-profit organization
  • A road map for paying taxes and submitting reports to the STS
  • Practical advice on the documentation of the operation of the cooperative
  • 2000 uah

Detailed on cooperatives

What is a "cooperative"?

A cooperative is a legal entity created as a result of the association of individuals and/or legal entities on the basis of membership for joint economic and other activities with the aim of improving their economic condition.

The basis of cooperatives is the combination of personal and collective interests of their members, the division of risks, costs and revenues between them, the development of their self-organization, self-management and self-control.

Who can establish and be a member of a cooperative?

The founders of the cooperative can be:

  • citizen of Ukraine;
  • foreigners and stateless persons;
  • legal entities of Ukraine;
  • legal entities of foreign countries.

Members of the cooperative can be:

  • citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 16;
  • foreigners and stateless persons who have reached the age of 16;
  • legal entities of Ukraine;
  • legal entities of foreign countries,

- who have paid the entrance fee and share in the amounts determined by the charter of the cooperative, comply with the requirements of the charter and enjoy the right to vote.

The cooperative is obliged to keep records of its members and issue a membership certificate to each of them.

What are the types of cooperatives?

1. Production cooperative:

​​​​​​- is created by the association of natural persons;

- is created for general production or other economic activity;

- members accept mandatory labor participation in the activities of the cooperative;

- the purpose of the activity is to make a profit.

2. Service cooperative:

- is created by combining natural and/or legal entities;

- is created to provide services to members of the cooperative and other persons;

- services are provided for economic activity.

Service cooperatives can provide services to other persons in volumes that should not exceed 20 percent of the total turnover of the cooperative.

3. Consumer cooperative (consumer society):

- is created by combining natural and/or legal entities;

- is created for the organization of trade services, procurement of agricultural products, raw materials, production of products and provision of other services;

- the goal of creation is to satisfy the consumer needs of the members of the cooperative.

Cooperatives can also be divided into:

  • agricultural,
  • housing and construction,
  • gardening,
  • garage,
  • trade and purchasing,
  • transport,
  • educational,
  • tourist,
  • medical etc.

What bodies are created in the cooperative?

  • the general meeting of members of the cooperative is the highest governing body of the cooperative;
  • the board - an executive body headed by a chairman;
In a cooperative with less than 10 members, only the chairman of the cooperative is elected.
  • audit commission - a body that supervises the financial and economic activities of the cooperative;
In a cooperative with less than 10 members, the functions of the audit commission are performed by the auditor
  • the supervisory board is a supervisory body that can be created if the number of members of the cooperative exceeds 50 people; monitors compliance with the cooperative charter and the activities of the executive body.

Under what conditions can a cooperative get the status of a non-profit organization?

If a cooperative is registered to serve its members directly, it is possible to obtain the status of a non-profit organization. This status exempts from paying taxes on those funds that are transferred to the cooperative's account.

The order of a cooperative registration

  1. Preparation of documents from w.d.
    • consultations
    • formation of a package of documents
    • signing documents at a notary
  2. Submission of documents for registration 1 w.d.
  3. Obtaining documents 1 w.d.
    • obtaining a description
    • obtaining an extract from the USR
    • print production (optional)
  4. Registreration as a non-profit organization 5 w.d.

List of documents required to register a cooperative

1. Protocol on the creation of a cooperative
2. List of cooperative members
3. The charter of the cooperative being created
4. Passport and tax payer card of the head
5. Passport and taxpayer card of the founder
If the founder is an individual
6. Constituent documents (statement and articles of association)
If the founder is a legal entity
7. The decision of the owners of a legal entity to establish a cooperative
If the founder is a legal entity


Is it possible to register a cooperative with two founders?
No, the number of founders (members) of the cooperative cannot be less than three persons.
Can a service cooperative make a profit and distribute it among members?
No, the service cooperative can use the incoming funds exclusively to support its own activities.
Is it possible not to pay the salary to the head of the cooperative?
The position of the STS on this issue is ambiguous, but theoretically - yes, one of the founders of the cooperative can perform the duties of the chairman without entering into labour relations.

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