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Ukrainian quota of immigration for foreigners in 2023

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Order No. 111-r dated February 7, 2023, which approved the quota of immigration of foreigners to Ukraine for 2023.

Thus, the Government has determined the number of persons who can apply for a permit to immigrate to Ukraine and obtain a permit for permanent residence in Ukraine for each of the categories.

Therefore, from February 7, 2023, foreigners who have grounds for obtaining a permit for immigration under quota categories can apply to the Migration Service at their place of residence and submit documents.

Let's remind what these categories are:

  1. figures of science and culture, whose immigration corresponds to the interests of Ukraine;
  2. highly qualified specialists and workers, the acute need for which is felt by the economy of Ukraine;
  3. persons who made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in foreign convertible currency in the amount of at least 100 (one hundred) thousand US dollars;
  4. persons who are a full-blood brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother, grandson or granddaughter of citizens of Ukraine;
  5. persons who previously held the citizenship of Ukraine;
  6. parents, husband (wife) of the immigrant and his minor children;
  7. persons who have continuously resided on the territory of Ukraine for three years from the date of establishing their status as a victim of human trafficking;
  8. persons who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Special Transport Service, the National Guard of Ukraine for three or more years;
  9. persons who served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Special Transport Service and the National Guard of Ukraine (regardless of the length of military service) and were recognized by military medical commissions as unfit for military service due to their health as a result of illnesses, injuries (injuries, contusions, injuries) received during the performance of military service duties.

In total, 9,203 foreigners and stateless persons will be able to immigrate to Ukraine within the quota.

The largest number of quota places is allocated for the city of Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv regions: 1,965, 1,057 and 933 people, respectively.

For full information on the number of people who can immigrate in each of the regions, see here.

Regarding the immigration quota in the city of Kyiv, the right to obtain a permit have:

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