According to the Constitution of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless individuals who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, have the same rights and freedoms and perform the same duties as the citizens of Ukraine, unless otherwise is provided by the Constitution, laws or treaties of Ukraine.

    A foreigner is a person who is not a citizen of Ukraine and is a citizen (national) of another state or states.

    A stateless individual is a person who is not considered a citizen of any state according to its law.

    The Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Individuals" states that foreigners may in the prescribed manner immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence, employment for a fixed term or on the purpose of family reunification (in these cases a long-term visa is made to enter Ukraine), and also temporarily stay on its territory (a short-term or transit visa).

    Foreigners, who immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence, family reunification or for temporary employment, get permanent or temporary residence respectively.  

    Foreigners residing on the territory of Ukraine on other legal grounds are considered temporary residents in Ukraine. They must register their national passports or documents replacing them, and leave Ukraine during a defined period of their stay according to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


    Foreigners and stateless individuals who have committed a crime, administrative or other violation of law on the territory of Ukraine respond on the same basis as citizens of Ukraine.

    For violation the order of stay in Ukraine, that is, living without residence permit or stay with invalid documents, failure to comply with the established order of registration or movement and choice of residence, employment, failure to leave after a certain period of stay as well as for non-compliance of transit through the territory of Ukraine, foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship can be enforced administrative penalty in the form of warning or a fine.

    In case the grounds for further stay in Ukraine fail or a foreigner violates the legal status law in Ukraine, the term of his stay can be shortened.