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Help qualified lawyer to individuals who need to issue an invitation for a non-resident.

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You are a citizen of Ukraine or a legal immigrant and you need to help a non-resident (relative, friend, business partner, etc.) in issuing a visa to enter Ukraine.

A legal immigrant is a person who has arrived in the country legally for permanent residence or for temporary work.

Best solution

Guest (private) invitation is the most common and popular!

The main purpose of a guest visa for a guest (private) invitation from an individual is to visit friends and relatives on the territory of Ukraine. Often guest invitations are used to come and marry a citizen of Ukraine. The visa is issued for entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine for not more than 90 days within six months; it can be single, double and multiple.

Since April 2017, there is no longer any need to apply to the State Migration Service at the place of residence for a long and costly procedure to receive an invitation.

Now it is enough to prepare a correctly formulated statement and to certify it in a notarial form.

The team of our specialists will help you to prepare and properly formulate an application - invitation (irrespective of your place of residence), to organize its certification at a notary office (in case you are in Kiev) and will provide a FREE consultation on each individual issue!

You can do an invitation yourself or trust our lawyers who have great experience in migration issues - since 2008!

Entrust solving your problems to professionals!

Advantages of work with us

  • Our lawyers, in addition to the higher legal education, studied "from and to" the practical side of the question
  • We will prepare the correct text of the application - the invitation from the first time
  • You will avoid refusal to issue a visa in connection with improperly issuing an invitation
  • You will avoid the cost of multiple sending invitations abroad
  • We will advise you for free
  • Finally, the best characteristic of our work is our customers.

Contact us and we guarantee you will achieve the desired result!


Detailed descriptions

The rules for issuing visas for entry to Ukraine and transit through its territory are regulated by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 1, 2017 No. 118.

An invitation is document that can be the basis for a visa for traveling to the territory of Ukraine.

Depending on the purpose of the trip to Ukraine, visas can be divided:

Transit visa (indicated by the letter "B", gives the right for transit travel through the territory of Ukraine);

Short-term visa (indicated by the letter "C);

Long-term visa (indicated by the letter "D", is issued to foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine for obtaining documents that grant the right to stay in Ukraine more than 90 days).

A short-term visa (type C visa) is issued to foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine if their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days within 180 days from the date of the first entry.

Short-term visa is issued as single, double and multiple, usually for six months or a period specified in the documents that are the basis for issuing such a visa, but not more than five years. In this case, the validity of the visa cannot exceed the validity of the passport.

In order to issue an invitation to Ukraine, natural persons acting as inviting parties can apply for legal assistance to specialists of the company JUSTICON and without waste of time receive the ready text of the invitation.

It is enough to come to our notary’s office for signing the text of the application.



Now specialists of the company JUSTICON can help with the text of the invitation for a visa "C" type throughout the territory of Ukraine.


Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 118, dated 01.03.2017 "On approval of the Rules for issuing visas for entry to Ukraine and transit through its territory".


Invitation for foreigner (from a natural person) Within 1 w. d. in Kiev (Including notary services) 1000 UAH
Within 1 w. d. outside of Kiev 700 UAH

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List of documents required to formulatate an invitation

# Document Document form Note J* C*
1 Passport document of the inviting person Copy 1,2 pages and residential address
2 Permanent  or temporary residence permit in Ukraine Copy If the inviting party is a foreigner
3 Passport of the foreigner Copy

* J - Justicon, C - Client


Law Firm "JUSTIKON", having many years of experience, offers a full range of legal services on the invitation of a non-resident individual from a natural person.

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