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Return of work permit in Ukraine in issuing office

8 This service is sure to interest the companies that have foreign employees in their staff!   A work permit must be returned to the appropriate employment center that issued it, in the following cases: -  if the validity of the work permit

Work permit

2 We will receive or continue the Work Permit in Ukraine in the minimum terms and with a minimum package of documents. Fast (from 7 wd) 100% guarantee of the result No queues

Return of residence permit in issuing office

authority of the  State Migration Service, which issued it in the following cases: - the period of validity of the temporary residence permit ended - the grounds for issuing a temporary residence permit ceased (divorce, the employment relationship with the employer ceased before the expiry date of the work permit, etc.) - on a foreigner’s own initiative (proprio motu) Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 28,

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

5 We will issue a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Ukraine. We take the most difficult questions. In record time (from 20 rd) 100% result The minimum price, without additional and hidden fees The best service Without queues Daily work experience since 2008 You are not a citizen of Ukraine but often visit our country?! You have to stay on the territory of Ukraine

Invitation for foreigner (for employees of foreign company’s representative office)

service Throughout Ukraine, regardless of location Without presence Please note that the availability of the service card and a filled work-book entitles you only to work in the offices of foreign companies in Ukraine, but paradoxically though it might sound, it doesstay in Ukraine. In order to legally stay in the country, to depart and re-enter you must apply for a visa, and then a residence permit in Ukraine. Citizens of the countries with which Ukraine has established a visa regime of entry, including a short visa-free stay

Citizenship of Ukraine by naturalization

stay on the territory of Ukraine is not limited You have all possible rights and freedoms of the citizen of Ukraine Opportunity to work without special permit Social defense, as well as free medical treatment etc. So, if you have decided to issue citizenship of Ukraine, please note that

Registration and de-registration of residence (residence registration)

1 Quickly and inexpensively we will issue a "residence permit", "re-write" or "write out". If necessary, we will help you find the address. Without presence You areThe lawyers of our company will help to get out of any, even the most difficult situation Finally, the best characteristic of our work is our customers If it seems that there is no way out - do not despair! Call us, we will deal with your problem together! Ukrainian

Leaving Ukraine for permanent residence

is no demand for payment for our services, and it is directly stated in the contract And finally the best characteristic of our work - our clients Contact us and we guarantee you will achieve the desired result! Ukrainian citizens who intend to leave or stay as permanent residents abroad, must obtain permit of the competent authorities of Ukraine. This permit can be issued while being on the territory of Ukraine (through the organs of

Confirmation of the child's citizenship

citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin! This will allow you (mother, father, and other close relatives) to issue an immigration permit to Ukraine and to obtain a permanent residence permit, which does not expire! And after 5 years of permanent residence in Ukraine,is no demand for payment for our services, and  it is directly stated in the contract And finally the best characteristic of our work -  our clients Contact us and we guarantee you will achieve the desired result! A foreign citizen or foreign citizens, who have

Invitation for foreigner (from a natural person)

Urgent design 100% result No hassle Without queues and wasting time Advantageous prices Throughout Ukraine, regardless of residence permit You are a citizen of Ukraine or a legal immigrant and you need to help a non-resident (relative, friend, business partner, etc.)to enter Ukraine. A legal immigrant is a person who has arrived in the country legally for permanent residence or for temporary work. Guest (private) invitation is the most common and popular! The main purpose of a guest visa for a guest (private) invitation from
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