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Invitation for foreigner (for employees of foreign company’s representative office)

provide the right for long-term stay in Ukraine. In order to legally stay in the country, to depart and re-enter you must apply for a visa, and then a residence permit in Ukraine. Citizens of the countries with which Ukraine has established a visa regime of entry, including

Invitation for foreigner (from a natural person)

citizen of Ukraine or a legal immigrant and you need to help a non-resident (relative, friend, business partner, etc.) in issuing a visa to enter Ukraine. A legal immigrant is a person who has arrived in the country legally for permanent residence or for temporary

Invitation for foreigner (from a legal entity)

business partners abroad and you want to consult, negotiate, organize joint projects in Ukraine, but do not know:  How to apply for a visa to visit Ukraine?  How to make a business invitation to foreigners in Ukraine?  What documents are required and where to submit

Extending the term of stay in Ukraine

6 If you are in such a situation: You have a visa expire or You are a citizen of the country with a visa-free regime and plan to stay on the territory of Ukraine more than 90 days,

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Foreigners" provides that foreigners can in the prescribed manner immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence (a long-term visa is issued for entry to Ukraine).   Immigration - is foreigners’ and stateless individuals’ coming to Ukraine for permanent

Work permit

outcome of work permit issue for a foreign citizen and cause rejection. A work permit is the basis for the issuance of a long-term visa to enter Ukraine for a foreign citizen.    The Law of Ukraine "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Individuals"

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